Sardine Festival 2010

World Record Broken
The Umtamvuna Portuguese Carnival on Saturday 19 July 2008 was a great success.

A huge thank you all the community who participated in the World Record attempt, it was a magnificent effort and we are so grateful for your participation. We sincerely hope that Guinness Book of World Records (GBWR) will acknowledge our new benchmark of 1,739kgs of seafood cooked at a single sitting!

This enormous feast broke the current GBWR record set by the Kuwait Tourism Board of 1,622kgs.

To ensure the record was valid, an official from the Ugu District Municipality Health Department was on hand to taste the fish to ensure it was edible.

There are far too many people to thank personally for simply joining in and rolling up their sleeves; but as a community based tourism event, it was a huge success and we are eternally grateful to the Umtamvuna Business & Tourism Association and the Portuguese Forum.

Our initial fears were that we would not have enough people to eat 2,000kgs of food proved unfounded with over 7,200 people turning up to enjoy the Umtamvuna Portuguese Carnival.

To those people who stayed, and waited patiently to be served in the most beautiful of winter sunshine, we offer our sincere apologies for the delays. No-one on the African Continent has attempted anything of this scale before, and as always with such events, we have learned many lessons to make this event better in the future, for all our visitors.

Michael Bertram
CEO - UGU South Coast Tourism
5 June - Sardine Festival launch at IMAX Gateway

IMAX Wild OceanThe Sardine Festival got off to a earth shattering launch at IMAX Gateway, on 5 June, with the premier of Wild Ocean IMAX Giant Screen movie.

4 June - More Sardines spotted - Online Video

4 June - Earth Touch online videoYet another great video from Barry Skinstad and the Earth Touch team, this time showing Cape Gannets, sharks, dolphins and seals. Under the water, these birds actually compete with dolphins, seals and sharks for the feast of fish. Birds swimming after the sardines is quite a site!

3 June - Sardines are on the way - Online Video
3 June video of sardines by Barry SkinstadWell done to Barry Skinstad and the Earth Touch team for this great footage of the sardines, shot on 3 June. The video shows birds, dolphins, whales, seals and sharks all rounding up and feasting on bunched-up shoals of sardines.